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International Economics

Gabriel Mihalache


425 Arps Hall, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210

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My name is Gabriel, I study topics in International Macroeconomics. My work explores the consequences of sovereign default risk for the maturity structure of public debt, sectoral reallocation, capital accumulation, and fiscal-monetary interactions. I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at The Ohio State University. I received my PhD in 2016, from the University of Rochester. I am Romanian and, if you're curious, this is how you pronounce my last name.

News. May 2024: "Deadly Debt Crises" is now published in The Review of Economic Studies. Free access link.


  • "Comment on `On Wars Sanctions and Sovereign Defaults' by Bianchi and Sosa-Padilla,"

    Journal of Monetary Economics (C-R-NYU 100th Meeting), 2024, 141, ISSN 1873-1295
  • "Deadly Debt Crises: COVID-19 in Emerging Markets,"
    PDF DOI Code

    with Cristina Arellano and Yan Bai
    The Review of Economic Studies, 2023, 91(3), ISSN 0034-6527
  • "Bargaining over Taxes and Entitlements in the Era of Unequal Growth,"
    PDF DOI Code

    with Marina Azzimonti and Laura Karpuska
    International Economic Review, 2023, 64(3), ISSN 0020-6598
  • "COVID-19 Vaccination and Financial Frictions,"

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  • "Sovereign Default Resolution Through Maturity Extension,"
    PDF DOI Code

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  • "Default Risk, Sectoral Reallocation, and Persistent Recessions,"

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  • "The Payment Schedule of Sovereign Debt,"

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Working Papers

  • "Monetary Policy and Sovereign Risk in Emerging Economies (NK-Default)," Jul 2024
    PDF '20ver

    with Cristina Arellano and Yan Bai
  • "Solving default models," Mar 2024
    in preparation for Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance
  • "Sovereign Partial Default in Continuous Time," Feb 2024

    with Sangdong Kim
  • "The Consequences of Financial Center Conditions for EM Sovereigns," Feb 2024

    with Samuele Centorrino and Lei Li
  • "The Maturity and Payment Schedule of Sovereign Debt," Jun 2016

    with Yan Bai and Seon Tae Kim
Bargaining over Taxes and Entitlements in the Era of Unequal Growth



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Autumn 2024

  • ECON 8862 International Economics 2 (PhD)


  • ECON 5660 Financial Aspects of International Trade
  • ECON 8862 International Economics 2 (PhD)
  • At Stony Brook University:
    • ECO 305 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
    • ECO 325 International Trade
    • ECO 386 International Finance
    • ECO 531 Introduction to Computational Methods in Economics (MA)
    • ECO 610 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory (PhD)
    • ECO 613 Computational Macroeconomics (PhD)

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