Sovereign Default Reading List
Compiled by Gabriel Mihalache

This is a reading list I compiled in January 2020 for my second year graduate class, ECO 613 Computational Macroeconomics. The focus is on "quantitative-theoretic" models and relevant data work. Suggestions and edits are welcome! Lightly updated February 2021. Back to my website.

Benchmark Models and Theory


Investment and Production

Long-Term Debt, Reserves, and Maturity Choice

Self-fulfilling Crises and Multiplicity

Recovery, Renegotiation, and Haircuts

Monetary Models

Lenders, Global Factors

Secondary Markets

Sovereign Risk Pass-through and the "Doom Loop"

Political Economy

Fiscal Policy

Domestic Heterogeneity, Inequality

Optimal Contracting Approaches


Optimal Maturity in the Closed Economy

Continuous Time Methods

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